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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hootie And His Hands

Miss Talks-A-Lot is finally coming home tomorrow!!! Her bags are packed and her camera is full. I can't tell you how long this month has been. My house, my family just hasn't been the same without her. My heart breaks for her that she was not here for grandaddy's funeral. In some ways I'm glad she is only left with good memories of him.

I am beside myself with how many people came to pay their respects to my grandfather. Every person he ever met was in some ways touched by his addictive spirit. He had a way with the words he used. I'm so very happy Miss Talks-A-Lot and Runs With Scissors are old enough to hide memories of him in their heart.

I hate that Hootie will only have pictures and video to remind him how much he was loved by grandaddy. Although not appropriate, I truly wish I had a camera yesterday when I held Hootie and took him to the casket where grandaddy lie. He could not understand why grandaddy was just lying there and not speaking to him or asking to hold him. Grandaddy never walked past Hootie and not pick him up. I watched as his eyes shot back and forth from grandaddy's face to his folded hands. After a few seconds of grandaddy ignoring him, he reached out and started stroking his hair. When that didn't work, he closed all his little fingers except his index finger and started gently poking his forehead. I sadly asked him "Hootie what's grandaddy doing? Is he sleeping? Why isn't he talking to you?" Hootie looked up at me, then at granmama with this look on his face that said, "Why isn't he talking to me."

Over the past week, we've been at granmama's and grandaddy's house a lot. One of those nights, I sat down in grandaddy's chair with Hootie in my lap. He immediately said, "gran-da-ddy." It is awesome and amazing how God equips even the smallest of us with so much intuition and understanding about what love is.

When Hootie finally understood that grandaddy wasn't going to "wake up and take him," he moved his little fingers away from his forehead and waved bye-bye. I was just in utter disbelief. How incredibly smart is this kid that just turned 1 last week?

~I love my babies~

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