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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I've Lost My RockStar Status

Miss Talks-A-Lot arrived home yesterday and I was so incredibly happy to see her!! 

My excitement was short lived because when her friends saw her, they dropped the big sign I had made and ran for her, leaving me in the dust......

Umm, hello?? Here's mom....Over here....Here I am....I missed you.....I'd like a hug!!!!

I can't even get close......so I'll just take the pictures I guess...

Still no hug....all the money,  driving all night to New Orleans,
where were they when we were packing??


I missed you both so much and I'm so glad you're home!!!

Even if I DID lose my RockStar status with you.....
I'm glad you are growing up. I happy to see friends that care about you so much. But I'm sad for myself that for the next 8 or 9 years others will take precedence. I take comfort in knowing that our bond will never let her get that far away!!!

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her said...

You are an amazing mum, a dear friend, and a solid, kind, and very real person....one day i hope i grow up to be just like you!