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Monday, June 15, 2009

Friend Makin Monday

So I'm gonna try something new today. I was scanning my Google Reader this morning while feeding Hootie his favorite (well not this morning) oatmeal w/ peaches, and came across TatertotsAndJello which led me to this blog: All That Is Good

It caught my eye because the topic for today's FRIEND MAKIN' MONDAY is:


Click here for the rules if you wanna join!

Don't wanna scare ya off, so I'll start with this:

1.I get a headache if I don't have coffee in the morning. I'm a little worried about my snob addiction to Starbucks. I've tried EVERY coffee imaginable and truly just love Sumatra! My addiction isn't little old lady with 20 cats, always keepin' a pot brewin', BUT I have my times! I love coffee in the morning and I love coffee at night. (Okay, now I've confessed the worst part of my addiction.) I promise there is nothing better than finally getting to sit down, even though I don't usually get to until after 10pm, smelling fresh and clean after my shower, and have some coffee while finally getting to have an uninterrupted conversation with my husband.

2. I always always start off my blogs feeling "blank" and end up writing freakin' novels. That's it. That's all I'm gonna put for #2.....

3. I have this form of OCD (okay several forms) where I grind my teeth and spell words when I'm in deep thought. So much so, that I've had TMJ for years and it causes headaches. I also have this REALLY WEIRD form that causes me to obsess about the cleanliness of my home, (really the lack there of.) But that REALLY WEIRD form unfortunately isn't the kind where I obsess over germs and have a spotless house. It isn't for lack of trying, mind you. BUT I am only ONE person!!!! Really I could write my whole CONFESSION on my OCD alone, but I'll stop. (See, I'm workin' on it)

4. Can I add one more? I hate being INCONSISTENT!!! BUT I think if I dug through county records and found my REAL birth certificate, I'd find that my mama lied to me when she told me my middle name......hhhhmmm that could be #5.......because INCONSISTENT is my true middle name....

5. Should I or should I not.....nah.....
5a. See #3 because this falls in the same category. I am not just thrifty or frugal. I made up a word for myself because I'm THRUGAL.
Make sure you go check out Kasey at: All That Is Good



jenjen said...

Hi Beth!
Happy FMM! Good list. I am not organized at all - I wish I was.

Love your birds on your blog!


J.J. said...

Wow...I grind my teeth and write the word "twenty" over and over all the time..and have for decades.

Love your blog colors!!!!!! happy FMM!

TangledEutopia said...

Hmmm, my "teeth" word is OKAY....in cursive...I know I know. OHNO. you made me try "twenty" to see how it felt. we're crazy!!!