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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Did I Just Pee Myself??

One year ago today, my sweet baby Hootie came into this world. Time has gone by way to fast and it saddens me! I dug and pulled out a blog I wrote while everything was fresh in my head, so enjoy!!!

"So I wanted to sit and write while Houston is sleeping and its quiet in the house. I can't tell you what an emotional week this has been. I'm really happy to say that the emotion has been nothing but wonderful exhileration! My whole pregnancy, I've been hormonal and emotional (mostly in a negative way) about what was to come. I've been so nervous about having this baby without my mom being here. I'm blogging to keep this memory fresh, but also to express what a wonderful family I have!I went to the hospital on Monday because everyone knows Sean is not only an expert at construction/drain maintenance, but he's also a doctor. He was so excited at the possibility that I MIGHT be in labor, that he shuffled me in the car and took me to the hospital. They sent me home because the contractions were very inconsistent, but told me to monitor them. I took off work on Tuesday because I was up a lot of the night. My aunt Sonja came over and stayed with me for the day. She cooked dinner and I love her for that!! Around 10pm I took a Tylenol PM and went to bed. Around 11:30, Sean and I were both in lala land, and I woke up suddenly and thought I had peed all over myself! I got to the bathroom and everytime I went to get up off the toilet, it just kept coming out! I was so emotional because I DID NOT want to go back to the hospital and have them tell me that my water had not broken, I had just peed!!! I could not go thru that embarrassment! We woke the kids up, called Khalil and told him we were going to the hospital and needed to bring the kids over. I wasn't having contractions anymore, and my water has never broken before, so the whole ride, I was complaining that I didn't want to go! Sean was so excited, he just kept telling me that I was wrong and let him do the driving.We got to the hospital and had to wait in line!!! There were 2 other women whose water had broken! We finally got in the room, they told me it was my water and I would be staying. That was about 1am. During that time, Sean started calling. He was so funny!!! The next thing I knew, my grandparents were walking in, and Anne came just like she did on Monday. I swear that girl was there in 20 minutes!! So, they monitored me until 6am. By then, the contractions had started, and were getting worse. They gave me an epidural (which is liquid gold), and then we just waited. The medicine worked on my left side, but not my right, so every contraction, I felt horrible pain in my right hip, but I couldn't even pick up my left leg. That was the weirdest feeling ever!! Around 9am Dr. Aycock came in and checked me. I was 10cm!!!! So he very nonchalantly got everything ready. They gave me an extra dose of meds in my IV. I thought I needed to push, but wasn't sure. Everything was very casual. No screaming like the last time with Liam. With him, he came so fast, I didn't have time for medicine!! Around 9:15, he asked if I was ready to push. I waited for the contraction, and pushed one time. Houston's head came out! I didn't even feel it. I pushed 2 more times in the same contraction, and it was over!!! I couldn't believe it! One contaction, 3 pushes! My grandmother was in the room as well as Sean. I am so happy I got to experience this with my grandmother. It really made my mom not being there, so much easier!!!So, my little man was born at 9:19am. He weighed 7lbs. 2oz and was 201/2 in. long. He's very healthy, very very beautiful! I have been completely in love since the moment they laid him on my chest! I can't believe Sean and I created something so perfect!

My aunt Sonja went by and picked up the kids and brought them up there. That first meeting was such an emotional one! It felt so good to see Talia holding her little brother! Liam has been sick with an ear infection and not feeling well. I think he wasn't expecting to have the emotions he did when he finally saw his little brother. He had the same look on his face that Talia had when he was born. He didn't understand the reality of actually having this little baby as a part of our family! Since then, he has come to terms and can't get enough of him!!The support of my family has been amazing! The women in my family (Anne included) have really been such a great support! They came over and cooked, and cleaned and I thank them so so much!! Sean has been an amazing dad!! He's cooked, cleaned, gone to the grocery store. He finally went back to work today, but was up last night when he heard the baby cry. I told him to go to sleep, but he wouldn't hear it. You can see the love in his eyes. It makes me love him that much more!! (Even though I always think that's not possible).I can't help but always think how un-traditional our family is. We truly have his, mine, and ours now! I wish the circumstances were different with his children. Noone understands how emotional it is for him not to have them all the time. Its hard because these babies have moms who love them very much and want them also! I really understand that moms have all the power when it comes to children. I can't imagine my children not living with me. I'm just thankful that Khalil and I chose to stay close to one another so our children could grow up with us both. So now Houston is here! My hopes are that he somehow brings both of these worlds together more than they already are. Carter can't get enough of his new little brother. I can't wait for Gaige and Ashton to meet their new brother.This week has been an amazing journey already!! I can't wait to see what the future holds! I love you Sean for just being you! I love you for coming into my life and helping me see that we were so bonded before, but nothing compares to making such a perfect human being out of such true love!!!! "

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truemommy said...

I love it! My daughter was born in October and I thought that same thing when my water broke! I thought I just couldn't stop peeing...then I came out to the living room and told my mother-in-law, "I think my water broke...yup, it definitely broke!" Thank goodness she was there...I probably would have just sat at home!