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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

An Interview With Mr. Runs With Scissors

Me: "I want to interview you for my blog."

RWS: "Why do you need to?"

Me: "Because you say funny things."

RWS: "I don't want people to interview me."

Me: "Why not?"

RWS: No answer....(So we'll change subjects)

Me: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

RWS: "Umm, I don't know. Don't interview me, PUHLEASE"

Me: "You're making this a boring interview....."

RWS: "Well cuz I'm watching a movie." 

Me: Hmmm, we'll try another tactic....You wanna go to the library today?

RWS: Ugh, no. 

Me: I'm gettin' nowhere....Oh, wait. I got it. He hasn't taken his medicine....hhhmmm. We'll try this again in about 30 minutes.

So then he gets up, goes upstairs and comes down with these.....

No wonder I can never find any matches to socks.

Whatcha Thinkin' About Wednesday



Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I've Lost My RockStar Status

Miss Talks-A-Lot arrived home yesterday and I was so incredibly happy to see her!! 

My excitement was short lived because when her friends saw her, they dropped the big sign I had made and ran for her, leaving me in the dust......

Umm, hello?? Here's mom....Over here....Here I am....I missed you.....I'd like a hug!!!!

I can't even get close......so I'll just take the pictures I guess...

Still no hug....all the money,  driving all night to New Orleans,
where were they when we were packing??


I missed you both so much and I'm so glad you're home!!!

Even if I DID lose my RockStar status with you.....
I'm glad you are growing up. I happy to see friends that care about you so much. But I'm sad for myself that for the next 8 or 9 years others will take precedence. I take comfort in knowing that our bond will never let her get that far away!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Professional Family Manager: SPOUSE & CHILDREN: I Love Him So Much, I Got a Post-Nup

For some reason I am so in love with this idea, but I'm more in love with knowing that my sweet sweet husband gets REAL TIME EMAILS on his Crackberry whenever I post a new blog. And if I know him, he's in the restroom at work right about now, so he has time to read....


The Professional Family Manager: SPOUSE & CHILDREN: I Love Him So Much, I Got a Post-Nup

Thrifty Decor Chick: I shall call him Squishy.#links

This Chick ALWAYS has the coolest ideas and whatta ya know??? She's a GOODWILL ADDICT like me!!!

Soooo, Guess what Runs With Scissors is gettin' for his birthday???

Thrifty Decor Chick: I shall call him Squishy.#links

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hootie And His Hands

Miss Talks-A-Lot is finally coming home tomorrow!!! Her bags are packed and her camera is full. I can't tell you how long this month has been. My house, my family just hasn't been the same without her. My heart breaks for her that she was not here for grandaddy's funeral. In some ways I'm glad she is only left with good memories of him.

I am beside myself with how many people came to pay their respects to my grandfather. Every person he ever met was in some ways touched by his addictive spirit. He had a way with the words he used. I'm so very happy Miss Talks-A-Lot and Runs With Scissors are old enough to hide memories of him in their heart.

I hate that Hootie will only have pictures and video to remind him how much he was loved by grandaddy. Although not appropriate, I truly wish I had a camera yesterday when I held Hootie and took him to the casket where grandaddy lie. He could not understand why grandaddy was just lying there and not speaking to him or asking to hold him. Grandaddy never walked past Hootie and not pick him up. I watched as his eyes shot back and forth from grandaddy's face to his folded hands. After a few seconds of grandaddy ignoring him, he reached out and started stroking his hair. When that didn't work, he closed all his little fingers except his index finger and started gently poking his forehead. I sadly asked him "Hootie what's grandaddy doing? Is he sleeping? Why isn't he talking to you?" Hootie looked up at me, then at granmama with this look on his face that said, "Why isn't he talking to me."

Over the past week, we've been at granmama's and grandaddy's house a lot. One of those nights, I sat down in grandaddy's chair with Hootie in my lap. He immediately said, "gran-da-ddy." It is awesome and amazing how God equips even the smallest of us with so much intuition and understanding about what love is.

When Hootie finally understood that grandaddy wasn't going to "wake up and take him," he moved his little fingers away from his forehead and waved bye-bye. I was just in utter disbelief. How incredibly smart is this kid that just turned 1 last week?

~I love my babies~

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Update For Funeral Arrangements

I got word today that arrangements are final. Just trying to cover all my bases on every social media network!!

Visitation and Funeral will be Saturday, June 20th at
Spirit Life Worship Center at 1130 Whitten Rd.
Visitation is being held from 11am-1pm with the funeral starting at 1pm.

A procession will follow to Memory Hill Gardens located at 3700 N. Germantown Rd. Following the service everyone is invited back to the church where food will be provided. There is no difference between family and friends where grandaddy is concerned, and I know he would be honored just as I, if you attend.

The Circle Of Life

So I wrote this last week, but wanted to wait and post it until after I read it to my grandmother. But after printing it, I was asked to read it at my grandfathers' funeral. Yesterday was bitter sweet. I'm sad, but sad for myself and my family. I'm not sad for my grandfather because I know that he knew, he lived a full life. Thank You Grandaddy. For It All!!!

If you know me, you know Billy wasn't just my grandfather. He was my father, my confidant, my kid watcher, my kid lover, my savior, my boxing coach, my teacher, and in so many ways by definition, my best friend. He didn't have to be these things, but he just was. He always saw the world with fresh open eyes. The glass was always full. Never half full. He instilled confidence in me to fight any situation because he knew how to show me God's love. If you EVER met him, you never forgot him! I had a certain peace in my life knowing I had my mother and her father to comfort me through times of uncertainty. I always felt comfort in their answers, their advice, their solution. They were never waivering in their confidence of how to control a situation. Since my mom died, I've had a sense of emptiness of knowing how to handle the world as it is thrust in my face. But my mind would immediately remind me that she was taught by her biggest supporter, her teacher. She lived her life in the exact same way I have, with the knowledge that if life becomes to unbearable, if the answers seem not to be there, you turn to God and Grandaddy. There's one last person that I feel that way about, so Kevin, you better not go ANYWHERE. I have been blessed by these people who live their lives with this type of confidence, knowledge, and ability that not only showed me the right path, but comforted me in knowing I was making the right decisions and that God approved of those decisions.
I have felt so many extremes of emptiness since yesterday morning. My over analytical side has been running numbers in my head like some crazy mathematician counting how many babies we need born into our family to continue balance. Crazy huh? But my emotional side keeps telling me how sad I am with the thought of any new members of my family never having the privelege to feed off the brain of who I have been so blessed to have in my life. The only solution to this problem when I think about my brothers, myself, and my cousin....ya know, the original members.....is to soak up every second of this wealth that has beseeched our family so that I can download it into my brain to pass it on to my children. Noah is going to be fine because of who his parents are. I can only pray that Miss Talks-A-Lot, Runs With Scissors, and Hootie will feel the magnitude of love, comfort, wisdom, and confidence I have felt throughout my life. I can only pray that I have hidden in my DNA, enough of the positives my mom and my grandaddy gave me, to pass on to them. I can only pray that daily, they soak up the memories, the positive life skills, and attributes they get to experience daily with their grandmothers, aunts, and uncles and hide them in their hearts for when the day comes that they have to pull from themselves, what they've been taught and go forth into the world equipped with only confidence and memories.

Thank you Grandaddy for giving that to my mother who gave that to me, so I can give that to my children.

The Circle of Life Truly is Beautiful.

Words Can Be So Powerful

Words are such a powerful force. When spoken or written, they have the ability to conjure the fiercest of emotions. Sometimes when a person tries to find just the right word to convey their inner most thoughts, the lack of any words at all can bring forth brand new emotions. I'm having so much trouble finding the right words to really make each and every one of you fully understand how much I appreciate the love and support that our family has felt over the last 30 or so hours.

For those of you in my world, you are there for a reason. Social media has given me the opportunity to be a part of each of your lives in my own time frame. I can continue my daily chaotic world with 3 children, a husband, and work but still click a few buttons and see how your daily chaotic world is going. Who you are proud of, who you are mad at, how you feel after your big dinner. So when you take the time to express your feelings to our family through your words, I truly want you to understand that they mean so much. We need them. We take comfort in them.

My grandfather never met a stranger and if you met him, you never forgot him! I am such a blessed girl to have had him for a grandfather as well as have for my mother, the girl he raised. As intense is the loss I feel, the same intensity fulfills me of happiness that I was blessed to soak up 32 years of his wisdom, humor, and love. There are so many intimate moments shared between just the two of us that I will forever hide in my heart to be able to pull up at just the right moment to get me through whatever situation I am faced with.

I truly thank each and every one of you for being a part of my life and feeling the magnitude of the mark my grandfather left on this world. What I ask of each of you, is that whatever piece he left you, pass it on. Only then, will his life work finally be done and only then will this world be a little easier to endure.

We are in the final stages of funeral arraingements, but this I know, is set in stone. I really hope you can come if only for a short time, to celebrate his life!

Visitation: Thursday night 6-8pm at Spirit Life Worship Center (Whitten Heights)

Church Address: 1130 Whitten Rd. Memphis, TN

Funeral: Friday at Spirit Life Worship Center, (time will be known later this afternoon)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Friend Makin Monday

So I'm gonna try something new today. I was scanning my Google Reader this morning while feeding Hootie his favorite (well not this morning) oatmeal w/ peaches, and came across TatertotsAndJello which led me to this blog: All That Is Good

It caught my eye because the topic for today's FRIEND MAKIN' MONDAY is:


Click here for the rules if you wanna join!

Don't wanna scare ya off, so I'll start with this:

1.I get a headache if I don't have coffee in the morning. I'm a little worried about my snob addiction to Starbucks. I've tried EVERY coffee imaginable and truly just love Sumatra! My addiction isn't little old lady with 20 cats, always keepin' a pot brewin', BUT I have my times! I love coffee in the morning and I love coffee at night. (Okay, now I've confessed the worst part of my addiction.) I promise there is nothing better than finally getting to sit down, even though I don't usually get to until after 10pm, smelling fresh and clean after my shower, and have some coffee while finally getting to have an uninterrupted conversation with my husband.

2. I always always start off my blogs feeling "blank" and end up writing freakin' novels. That's it. That's all I'm gonna put for #2.....

3. I have this form of OCD (okay several forms) where I grind my teeth and spell words when I'm in deep thought. So much so, that I've had TMJ for years and it causes headaches. I also have this REALLY WEIRD form that causes me to obsess about the cleanliness of my home, (really the lack there of.) But that REALLY WEIRD form unfortunately isn't the kind where I obsess over germs and have a spotless house. It isn't for lack of trying, mind you. BUT I am only ONE person!!!! Really I could write my whole CONFESSION on my OCD alone, but I'll stop. (See, I'm workin' on it)

4. Can I add one more? I hate being INCONSISTENT!!! BUT I think if I dug through county records and found my REAL birth certificate, I'd find that my mama lied to me when she told me my middle name......hhhhmmm that could be #5.......because INCONSISTENT is my true middle name....

5. Should I or should I not.....nah.....
5a. See #3 because this falls in the same category. I am not just thrifty or frugal. I made up a word for myself because I'm THRUGAL.
Make sure you go check out Kasey at: All That Is Good


Friday, June 12, 2009

If You Wanted To Spend The Night, All You Had To Do Was Ask......

What a day it's been!!! This happened within seconds of pulling in my driveway from work. Thank You God for keeping my family safe!!!

This is the view from my front door. My poor tree was split in half. Thankfully it didn't fall the other direction towards my house!!

This is my neighbor's house across the street

Shame on me for taking Hootie's bouncer outside when the sun was out yesterday and being lazy by leaving it!!! My patio did look nice I swear!!!

My 2 troopers wearing smiles even though we had (have) no power!!!

God's work after the rain!!!!

Simply AMAZING!!!!

Last count, the news station said 125,000 people were without power. Every single house around me has some sort of damage. 3 houses within a 5 house radius of mine, had trees fall on their house. Fences down everywhere, as well as debris. But through the storm, God is still Good! He kept us safe even if Chief's flight was delayed!!! As I write, he has landed and enroute to check out the damage to our house before coming to our BEST FRIENDS IN THE WHOLE WORLDS' HOUSE!!!
~~~~By the way, thank you guys for letting us ALL bombard your house for the night, we truly love you!!!~~~~
I pray our power will be back on soon, but in the mean time: PIZZA, GAMES, MOVIES, FAMILY. What could be better???

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Did I Just Pee Myself??

One year ago today, my sweet baby Hootie came into this world. Time has gone by way to fast and it saddens me! I dug and pulled out a blog I wrote while everything was fresh in my head, so enjoy!!!

"So I wanted to sit and write while Houston is sleeping and its quiet in the house. I can't tell you what an emotional week this has been. I'm really happy to say that the emotion has been nothing but wonderful exhileration! My whole pregnancy, I've been hormonal and emotional (mostly in a negative way) about what was to come. I've been so nervous about having this baby without my mom being here. I'm blogging to keep this memory fresh, but also to express what a wonderful family I have!I went to the hospital on Monday because everyone knows Sean is not only an expert at construction/drain maintenance, but he's also a doctor. He was so excited at the possibility that I MIGHT be in labor, that he shuffled me in the car and took me to the hospital. They sent me home because the contractions were very inconsistent, but told me to monitor them. I took off work on Tuesday because I was up a lot of the night. My aunt Sonja came over and stayed with me for the day. She cooked dinner and I love her for that!! Around 10pm I took a Tylenol PM and went to bed. Around 11:30, Sean and I were both in lala land, and I woke up suddenly and thought I had peed all over myself! I got to the bathroom and everytime I went to get up off the toilet, it just kept coming out! I was so emotional because I DID NOT want to go back to the hospital and have them tell me that my water had not broken, I had just peed!!! I could not go thru that embarrassment! We woke the kids up, called Khalil and told him we were going to the hospital and needed to bring the kids over. I wasn't having contractions anymore, and my water has never broken before, so the whole ride, I was complaining that I didn't want to go! Sean was so excited, he just kept telling me that I was wrong and let him do the driving.We got to the hospital and had to wait in line!!! There were 2 other women whose water had broken! We finally got in the room, they told me it was my water and I would be staying. That was about 1am. During that time, Sean started calling. He was so funny!!! The next thing I knew, my grandparents were walking in, and Anne came just like she did on Monday. I swear that girl was there in 20 minutes!! So, they monitored me until 6am. By then, the contractions had started, and were getting worse. They gave me an epidural (which is liquid gold), and then we just waited. The medicine worked on my left side, but not my right, so every contraction, I felt horrible pain in my right hip, but I couldn't even pick up my left leg. That was the weirdest feeling ever!! Around 9am Dr. Aycock came in and checked me. I was 10cm!!!! So he very nonchalantly got everything ready. They gave me an extra dose of meds in my IV. I thought I needed to push, but wasn't sure. Everything was very casual. No screaming like the last time with Liam. With him, he came so fast, I didn't have time for medicine!! Around 9:15, he asked if I was ready to push. I waited for the contraction, and pushed one time. Houston's head came out! I didn't even feel it. I pushed 2 more times in the same contraction, and it was over!!! I couldn't believe it! One contaction, 3 pushes! My grandmother was in the room as well as Sean. I am so happy I got to experience this with my grandmother. It really made my mom not being there, so much easier!!!So, my little man was born at 9:19am. He weighed 7lbs. 2oz and was 201/2 in. long. He's very healthy, very very beautiful! I have been completely in love since the moment they laid him on my chest! I can't believe Sean and I created something so perfect!

My aunt Sonja went by and picked up the kids and brought them up there. That first meeting was such an emotional one! It felt so good to see Talia holding her little brother! Liam has been sick with an ear infection and not feeling well. I think he wasn't expecting to have the emotions he did when he finally saw his little brother. He had the same look on his face that Talia had when he was born. He didn't understand the reality of actually having this little baby as a part of our family! Since then, he has come to terms and can't get enough of him!!The support of my family has been amazing! The women in my family (Anne included) have really been such a great support! They came over and cooked, and cleaned and I thank them so so much!! Sean has been an amazing dad!! He's cooked, cleaned, gone to the grocery store. He finally went back to work today, but was up last night when he heard the baby cry. I told him to go to sleep, but he wouldn't hear it. You can see the love in his eyes. It makes me love him that much more!! (Even though I always think that's not possible).I can't help but always think how un-traditional our family is. We truly have his, mine, and ours now! I wish the circumstances were different with his children. Noone understands how emotional it is for him not to have them all the time. Its hard because these babies have moms who love them very much and want them also! I really understand that moms have all the power when it comes to children. I can't imagine my children not living with me. I'm just thankful that Khalil and I chose to stay close to one another so our children could grow up with us both. So now Houston is here! My hopes are that he somehow brings both of these worlds together more than they already are. Carter can't get enough of his new little brother. I can't wait for Gaige and Ashton to meet their new brother.This week has been an amazing journey already!! I can't wait to see what the future holds! I love you Sean for just being you! I love you for coming into my life and helping me see that we were so bonded before, but nothing compares to making such a perfect human being out of such true love!!!! "

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Do I Have To Admit It?

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm not doing so well with half my family gone. I should be rejoicing, jumping for joy, runnin' around the house naked. (Both of us...me-n-Hootie, I mean)

But I'm not! Chief is in Texas for the week at a training class for work. He's in the 2nd part of a course both he and I took together through our jobs. He is in public works for the city and I am with Emergency Management. All divisions require FEMA courses. He was so excited about the first course, that he signed up for the second which is a week long course where they run a full scale exercise in what the call "Disaster City." Sounds pretty cool, but someone had to stay home with the kids! Soooo where are they???

(mmm, MAMA misses DADDY)

Miss Talks-A-Lot: well, you know where she is....a zillion miles away from me in the middle east. She's uploaded pictures on Snapfish, but won't let me put any of them online b/c she wants to "edit" them first....She's so 11....

(OOPS, sorry pulled a picture from your file....couldn't help it....)

Runs With Scissors had to go spend the night with his cousin (which he loves) because all of my sources are indisposed while I work....(Grandaddy is in the hospital, Brown Daddy is in the middle east with sissy, and Redneck Daddy is in Texas, hence, no sources.)

(Grandaddy...please pray for him!!) (Brown Daddy....Don't ask)

Back to not doing well....

I thought it would be wonderful. A sweet quiet. A peaceful nothing. BUT, not so much...
I just can't seem to get it together. I woke up late this morning which is soooo high school. Being LATE is a huge pet peeve of mine. It's very irresponsible and disrespectful in my opinion. But, I guess that's me right now....

I wasn't late for work, but I didn't have time to get Hootie up, dressed, and to the (absolute best best best) sitter in the world, so I had to leave him with my brother who THANKYAJESUS, came over to watch him last night while I worked until midnight.

Needless to say, I miss my family. I miss sleeping in the bed with my sweet man, I miss kissing my rude mouthed daughter before bed, I miss arguing with my, best negotiator in the world, son about what his bedtime is. I'm left with the shortest person in the house that can't walk yet, but thinks he can crawl fast enough to get away from me while giggling....I'm left with the loudest person in the house that doesn't want to cuddle, but wants to screech at the top of his lungs when he wants to communicate. I'm left with this little person who does nothing all day but call DA-DA----DA-DA----DA-DADDY because as little as he is, keeps wondering why he hasn't seen his favorite person in the world. It's been wayyyy to long for him and it's causing meltdowns.....

(Look at that face....he's a PLOTTIN' fool)

So yeah, lookin' forward to this weekend.......

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Support GIRLdles

Who are my Support GIRLdles?

They are my peeps, my homies, my confidants, my GIRLS. They support me with every STITCH of their fiber. Every THREAD of their being. They can SNAP their fingers and get my BUTT in gear. They can put a new TWIST on my way of thinking. They HOLD ME IN when I want to explode, but know when to give me an INCH. A good GIRLdle gives you the best of both worlds. She can bring your sassy side out.....

Or she can keep you grounded and basic......

Everyone has a favorite GIRLdle. She's your favorite because she's your CLEANIST and TIGHTEST girl. You can put her through anything and she doesn't budge. At the end of the day, you're just happy she's there, because she makes you look GOOD....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Might As Well Go All The Way....

Since I posted my REDNECK Arts & Crafts theme, I figured I'd go all the way and show you where the corruption started. I swore I had a picture of his truck on my work computer but can't find it, so you'll get it tomorrow.....
Until then, look at all the "subtle" ways my Oh-So Hot, Deer Huntin', Big Truck Drivin',
Little Camo Truck Drivin', Backer Chewin', Nascar yellin', Git In The Dirt, REDNECK Husband
has corrupted my nice clean world.....

Riding On Camels With Boys

So this morning Missy T called to say that she rode a camel today and took the river tour where John the Baptist baptized Jesus. I'm so incredibly thankful for her to be able to have these experiences!! She's having issues with uploading her pictures, so for the meantime, showing these so you get an idea. I can't wait to actually see HER in these pictures!!

They rode Camels

She went to the Dead Sea

She also told me they ate at KFC and have been to Starbucks more than once.....

(That is sooooo typical of her daddy)

And of course, if he can't stay away from the all here, what makes me think he would stay away there? Yes they went here also. The City Mall in Amman

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

RedNeck Arts & Crafts

TA-DA.....Here's my very first tutorial!

I can't name this "REDNECK" if I'm not honest and show you my work area.....

I used Microsoft Publisher to create the actual words on theinvite, then printed them on blue paper. I glued them onto the lime greencardstock, then laminated everything. I grabbed the pictures I wanted to use and copied them the amount of times I needed. In this case, I made 16 invitations total. I used publisher to draw a circle around the photo before printing, so that gave me a guide. After printing, I laminated the whole sheet, then cut around the circle. The Redneck came out in me, when I used a fingernail file to buff the edges to smooth them....Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.....

I found these cute stickers from Target for $1.99, so I bought 3 sheets. They are positioned on a small block of adhesive to make them raised off the paper and the tail is made from pipe cleaner! Love Them!!

Next, I used a hot glue gun to position the rounded picure of Hootie

After that, I applied the monkey and used a hole punch to make two holes for the ribbon to slide through. I tied the ribbon, twisting as I pulled so the polka dot side is visible.

I printed an envelope pattern from online, and used the lime cardstock. You can find the blog here for the envelope. (Really good ideas there)
I used some of the same blue paper to add color on the inside of the envelope.
I must admit, when it was all said and done, the cardstock was to heavy, so I reversed and used the blue paper as the envelope with a strip of green on the inside.

The invitation fit perfectly....

Last, I added a touch of the polka dot ribbon for the back.