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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thinkin' Cap Thursday

So I've started working on Hootie's 1st Birthday. As much as Ms. Talks-A-Lot has called him Monkey since he was born, for whatever reason, we've evolved into calling him Hootie all the time. I'm thinking that may change the theme of his party if I can find him any cute "owl" themed decor. If you know of any, send the links my way. I've posted some pics of things I've saved to go back over before I make my final decision, but I really have to hurry!!

I love this cake if I stay with the Monkey theme!

I saw this invitation and really like the owl, but I'm having trouble finding cute owls...

Love this Monkey theme, but its a lot like the Hawaiian theme I've done for a party before, so I think I need to mix up my themes!


beccad said...

I love the monkey theme that is too cute. I would love for you to join us in Kindermusik he would have a blast. Just give me a call if you have any questions. (428-7773) You can enroll directly from my blog and pay online through Kindermusik International. The class is filling up fast so once you know what is going on as far as a summer schedule let me know. Talk to you soon.

Peterson Party of 5 said...

Very Cute!
Happy Mother's Day!

jenjen said...

Hi there! Thanks for coming by and saying hi! You have a cute place here. Happy Mother's Day!