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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things That Drive Me Crazy

There are some things in the world of TE, that drive me absolutely bonkers. Call them pet peeves, call them petty. Hopefully writing them down will let me read and re-read, so I can finally get these nit picky little things out of my brain!

1. I have a love/hate with relationship with punctuation. So much so, I obsess over it. I'm in the process of reading Write right! By Jan Venolia, just to ease my tangled ol' mind

2. Misuse of words in general. Repeat after me:


(For the last 3, I can't feel right posting pictures about anything you are about to read.....)

3. It is NOT the government's responsibility to pay for you to have children, feed said children, clothe said children. It is NOT the government's responsibility to make sure your house will withstand an F-7 tornado. I work for a public safety entity in my city and a guy actually called the other day to complain that our city should build a huge underground bunker for all 1.2 million of us to go, if a tornado strikes!!! I told him that was ridiculous because our city should worry more about earthquakes than anything, so a huge underground bunker would be stupid. (I was mad by this point, so excuse me.) I told him it was HIS responsibility to educate himself on emergency preparedness. I told him it was HIS responsibility to educate his children on what to do in a disaster or a fire. He would hear none of it. He informed me that tax payers paid my salary while I had my feet on the desk not ensuring the citizens' safety. I INFORMED him that I was one of those taxpayers, (notice he didn't say HE was one of those taxpayers) paying MY salary and I can't stand people who constantly want a handout, but aren't willing to help themselves. And for those of you who don't know, Welfare, food stamps, college tuition, daycare and everything else the government helps with, is meant to be used by ANYONE who falls temporarily on hard times. NOT FOR YOU TO LIVE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE AND THE ENTIRE LIFE OF YOUR 8 CHILDREN OFF OF....okay, I'm done.....

4.Moms that are so insecure with their parenting skills, that their lives become obsessed with proving great parents they are. Umm, hello....I'm here to tell you that if food drops on the floor, the 5 second rule ALWAYS applies in my house. And by the way....my son had field day the other day and slid in the mood. The whole back of his shirt was covered in mud. I got to see him slide in the mud, then off to work I went from 4pm-midnight. Sooo, at 6:30 the next morning when I'd had 5 hours of sleep and was up to do it all over again, I realized he had to wear his shirt AGAIN for a field trip. Had he reminded his dad the night before to wash it? Of course not. So I weighed what was important....my son wearing a dirty class shirt so he matched everyone else in his class and would be less likely to be kidnapped in a public place OR making him wear another sorta not really green shirt that kinda matched, but still looked like just a regular green shirt and NOT matching anyone on this field trip, thus looking like he was alone and waiting to be kidnapped by some pedophile that hangs out in kid museums....No guessing on that one. But if it makes you feel better, I wet a washcloth and scrubbed it, then sprayed Downy on it, before throwing it into the dryer. Just so you know....Ummm, insecure Beth??

5. The way I obsess over my house. But if you SAW my house, you would think that I NEVER even think about cleaning it. You would think that I NEVER make my children do chores. What you don't know is that for the most part, it's clean every Monday which is my only day off during the week. But 20 minutes after the kids get home from school and Chief gets home from work, I'm looking for that bunker the crazy man was talking about, because I'm absolutely positively sure a TORNADO has just come through and ONLY touched down at my address......Seriously though, if you were in my brain, you would go nuts at how often I think about every single paper, shoe, glass, toy, dust particle (and I know by heart, where every single particle is in my house) out of place in my house. It is one of my most overwhelming OCD thought patterns EVER.....