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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thank You Target

Did you remember me saying how I couldn't wait to be home in the day with the kids during the summer? Do you remember me saying I couldn't wait for these 2 little days of vacation I took to be with the kids after their last day of school? Well, I forgot to *** or ((( ))) and add the following:

***I can't wait to spend time with the kids as long as
Running With Scissors has his medicine....***

I know that is so aweful of me. I think about the book I read The ADHD FRAUD while doing my research before we decided to medicate our child. I think about how it said parents and teachers use the ADHD excuse because they won't admit they are bad parents who aren't patient enough, they are teachers that don't want to deal with disruption, they won't admit they use technology as a babysitter and they feed their kids a horrible diet. I think about this all the time! I use so many excuses in my life for why things are the way they are. I could easily say (which I do) that this poor baby has been going 90 to nothin' since in the womb. I could say it was my diet during pregnancy. I could say a thousand other things that could be the culprit. But I won't say any of those things. I will say that I did nothing different from my first pregnancy to my second. I will say I have NO IDEA what makes him who he is. I will also say that I love every single tiny speck of dirt that makes him, HIM.

But in the same breath, different paragraph, I will also say that he has been out of his medicine for about a week now, and I am utterly exhausted. Hootie, Running With Scissors and I ran to Target earlier. Probably in the store an hour. This kid said ATLEAST 10,000 words while in the store. Not only that, it just seems like his little brain is going so fast that he can't, absolutely can't slow down long enough to even hear what others are saying to him. I honestly cannot understand how I did this for so long before he started on his meds. He's only been on medication since February, but Lordy BeGeezus, I'm exhausted. And I'm tired for him. This poor kid has stayed frustrated, upset, in trouble and in tears for the past week.

So I have to say a huge Thank You first to God for giving me motivation to get out of the house, Thank You to GMC for getting us to the pharmacy and a HUGE Thank You to TARGET for having his medicine in stock!!! **And a side note: Thanks to the medicine company for having a coupon on their website** The dr. gave me a 3 month free card to try this one out and we're on our 4th refill with no generic!

So Thanks TARGET for helping my little man feel better!!!

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