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Sunday, May 17, 2009

So There's This Girl....

So I've been working on my book since, well my whole 32 years on earth, but I've yet to put it in any kind of order until recently. Like 6 months recently. But wouldn't ya know it, my OCD kicked in and wouldn't let me stay on just one task. I soooo remind myself of that book

Never able to focus on one thing at a time for fear I'm missing out on something. I don't think it's healthy to try to write a book, learn coding, network, and oh did I mention still be a wife, mother, employee and friend?? Focus, Focus, Focus....

With my research, I came across a blog of a girl who wrote a book, who blogs, who writes, who works, who wifes, who mothers. (Are those last two actually words?) I'm sure she's some kinda kin to me somewhere down the line. You'll see when you click on her link. She could so be in my family. But getting to the point. I started reading a preview of her book and couldn't believe some of the similarities. But when I got to the part where her outspoken mother told her she would never find a man until she learned to love Nascar, my mouth dropped open and my fingers hit the phone to call Chief. That was almost EXACTLY what my outspoken grandfather (who is the father of my outspoken mother) said three days after my "foreign" husband, as my granmama used to call him, left me and my two children on Christmas day. Except his words were "Guess we'll have to find you a good ol' boy now, cuz that's where you belong anyway." Those that know me, are on the floor laughing right now, because you're picturing my sweet husband sitting in his camo recliner, hollerin' at the t.v. on Sunday right before Jr. crashes.

Needless to say, I stopped by the book store to get the book. They didn't have it, so I'm ordering it off Amazon. First, because I'm sure it's hilarious. But I'm getting it more because I need to go through my manuscript and probably change some things around so I don't look like a copycat stalker chick. I haven't even written her because frankly I didn't know what to say without sounding like a weirdo. Seriously, I can't help that a lot of the same things have happened to us both when I didn't even know her. By the way, HI.....(okay, so I decided to let you know I was blogging about you so you didn't accidentally stumble across it down the road. I love your work by the way, even though I'm mad because I would have put those same cute tree silhouttes on my pages also.)

So, I've seen Oprah (Oh whatever, don't pretend like you don't TIVO her shows also) talk about positive affirmations and dream boards to use when you envision how you want your life to be for the future and after reading Stephanie's latest, I've decided to just use her post as my "Virtual Dream Board." After you finish reading this, click on her post link below to see her pictures.

***After much thought, I decided against inserting my face on the pictures because I figured that was going a little far....So, here's my version of a dream board. Click on the link below: