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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Because I don't already have enough on my plate

I read once that you can't make a really great blog unless you focus on just one.

But my insides have been gnawin' at my brain, making me grind my teeth even more lately. By the way, totally different than gnawin' at my insides, which is country for being hungry. Why you ask?

Because as much as I have this incessant desire to raise my children to be the best grown ups they can be, to always remember to be respectful of my husband no matter how mad he makes me, to be as professional as I can be in my workplace, and to always keep my house as clean as I can.....I know that I can NONE of those things if I can't learn to prioritize my life the way God expects me to.

I have this constant tug of war inside that is always trying to seperate, remember and prioritize my daily TO-DO list called LIFE. I'm constantly trying to figure out how to maximize my world to accomodate everyone and everything I am involved with.

I am utterly obsessed with finishing my book in every aspect. From writing it, re-writing it, editing it, learning from it, learning what to do with it once I've written it, hoping and praying God will give me the knowledge and wisdom to help it change not only my life, but my families life as well. At the same time, hoping and praying that God will also give me the knowledge and wisdom (not to mention, the right contacts) to see this blogging obsession through to its maximum capacity, all the while being true to His Word and His Standards.

I'm 32 and STILL trying to learn what the word consistent means, but more importantly how to do it. But then I realize that life is about change and I would be pretty boring if I were still pursuing the same things I pursued at 22!!

So, I've started a new blog! One just for me! You will NEVER read what my kids ate for lunch that day, you will never read how my hormonal self had to once again apologize to my extremely patient wonderful husband. But what you'll read is HOW


am coping, struggling, changing, thinking, doing, exceeding

EVERY aspect of

my life, my thoughts, my goals, my dreams, my world

So go on over and check it out:

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