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Monday, May 25, 2009

Baby Phonics

By accident, I found this really great DVD at none other than the Dollar Tree. I bought it because, well, it was a dollar...But it has turned out to be a really wonderful little 30 minute babysitter. Umm, oh no you didn't just gasp...I told you from the beginning, this is TANGLED....hello? Hootie is baby #3!!! I spend more time mediating between the 7 and 11 year olds who can dress themselves, feed themselves and wipe their own butts than I do taking care of an infant that only squeals(or screams DADA)to communicate and poops on the floor if you happen to let him run around naked (now that was funny...Chief ran and put the poor baby on the toilet!!!)

Okay sorry, back on track...Hey, I made a deal with myself a long time ago. I was NOT gonna sugar coat one word of this journey!
So anyway, I love that little dvd. I can put him in his walker, turn it on and walk into the kitchen to clean his highchair and not worry one second. He doesn't move. It's so new to him that he doesn't even blink! Now in my defense, he doesn't ONLY watch it alone. As much as everyone else in the house hates the repeativeness of the video, they all know it by heart and constantly say it to him, watch it with him, and beg him to repeat it!
While I was searching for other episodes of the video, I came across this post. I thought it was interesting and will definitely incorporate it into our learning times.

Her Cup Overfloweth: Friday Find: Word Strips (Oh, how I love The Dollar Tree)

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