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Sunday, April 19, 2009


I hate this moment. The moment just before the flood gates open and I write entirely to much for one blog. (Especially when I STILL can't figure out the whole expanded post issue I'm having...) This is the moment when I have so many topics, I can't seem to just choose one. So my fingers just keep going and somehow a topic is born 5 sentences in... So, here's what's been going on lately.

I had to take ALL 3 kids to the doctor at once the other day. I will NEVER do that again! Monkey still has nose issues. The stuffy/runny at the same time kind. He was prescribed an allergy medication. 2 days later, he's in the ER at 1:30am with 104.4 fever, drainage vomiting, and uncontrollable shaking. The house was so quiet. Children/husband sleeping for hours, and I'm sitting in the bathroom floor painting my cabinets. I hear him cough and it doesn't sound right. I go in, freak out, take him to the ER. He has an upper respiratory infection/ear infection. I know it could be so much worse, and I thank GOD it's not, but my heart hurts for this baby. His nose has been this way almost constant since January. Hopefully the worst is behind us!

The doctor tells me both the big kids have allergy issues also. Running with scissors has NEVER had any issues, so I start feeling like the worst mom in the world, thinking his new ADHD meds are causing a massive breakdown with his immune system, when REALLY I'm sure it's a coincidence of starting the meds in the spring.

Little Miss Talks-A-Lot on the other hand, has always had allergy issues like me. But I'm truly starting to think her allergy pill is causing some kind of adverse reaction that causes her eyes to roll back into her sockets, and venom to spew out of her mouth everytime she even thinks her little brother is within earshot. Can allergy pills do that???? Aaahhh, if only it were that simple.

I truly love the fact that as time goes on if you wait long enough, someone somewhere is going to make up a name for every single ailment you can imagine. I won't offend anyone with being specific about some of the titles I've read that seem completely lazy, victimizing, and ridiculous, but I'll touch on one that I have decided to pull out of the hat and use for myself. (How convenient of me....)

Can you feel the cynicism in my voice when I tell you I am almost 99% sure I have PMDD? That's sortof an "I spent 5 minutes working on that name" kinda name in my opinion. I like to call it, "Write a sentence, erase a sentence, become livid at the way your husband put the dishes away, yell at your kids for being kids, go in the bedroom and cry on your bed because you are so thankful your husband put away the dishes, over analyze how to tell your kids you are sorry for yelling at them about how aweful it is to yell at eachother, immediately start feeling guilty for being in your bedroom alone for 7 whole minutes, walk out of your bedroom feeling refreshed from your cry only to walk past a jelly bean that has been sticking out from under the couch for 2 weeks and start yelling at your husband for trying to make your life miserable by never helping with housework."

As soon as I figure out how to condense that down into an acronym before I erase it because I'm scared people will think I'm crazy, I'll let you know....


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