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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yesterday started out very goal oriented. I had my usual task list ready to appease my OCD. I had a nice morning with Hootie, (a.k.a. Monkey, but over the last couple of months, Hootie has just stuck) we got dressed, took him to granma's, then I headed to the doctor. I'm 10 months post monkey hatchin', (now Hootie Hatchin') and still have some minor issues with my cycle, fatigue, hair loss etc...you know the drill. And let me tell you, the CYCLE I put my poor family through 2 weeks out of every month, bared looking into. He gave me some good advice, and I left there, feeling a little better about the future of TangledEutopia. Believe me, there are sometimes I've wanted to take the Eutopia part and not Tangle it, but STANGLE it!!! But, I feel better now!

Afterwards, I stopped by my favorite sushi spot to pick up a quick lunch. I realized it was to early to head to work, so I decided to stop in Walgreens to pick up formula, drop it off with Granny and Uncle Shane before heading in to work. I was walking out, purse and cell in hand, when I saw a man standing at my truck. I thought he was just peering in until I saw that my drivers' side glass was shattered. I watched as he put the finishing touch, pounding for the last time, as the glass shattered everywhere. Without thinking, I shouted and called his attention. My fingers became thumbs, as I fumbled to turn my cell camera on. All I could think about was getting a face shot. The camera was so much in the forefront of my mind, that I failed to stare long enough to burn his image into my mind. He sort of lunged forward at me before deciding just to just grab what he could and be done. He jumped in, grabbed my makeup bag because he obviously thought it was a purse, then jumped into the passenger side of a waiting vehicle before they sped off. I was still fumbling with the stupid camera when I decided to give up and focus on the vehicle description. Long story short, I gave all the information to the police, and started the aweful process of dealing with the REAL ROBBERS, the insurance company.... I'm just so sad b/c my wedding rings and engraved Tiffany style heart necklace I got for Mother's Day last year were in the bag. I had placed them in before going into the doctor and forgot all about it until this morning when I was getting dressed.

So that's it. That was my day. Finally got to work, spent the night feeling surpisingly better than I thought I would, until I had to drive Chief's camouflage huntin' truck home. I hate driving that truck. It is entirely impossible to feel any kind of femininity in a truck that your husband spray painted to match the woods. It has no power steering, no cup holder, blah blah blah.....Read the next post to see how I ended my day because even though I had a rough afternoon, it ended on a really good note!!!

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musikchick said...

So sorry about the Walgreens incident. Just wanted to say make sure you get your thyroid numbers checked... your symptoms sound very similar to mine post baby. I thought they were still baby symptoms but turned out to be hypothyroid which can turn into a big mess if not caught early.