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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Becoming Unshakable

Well, you all see how sad my blog looks. I've had to resort back to a classic template offered by blogger until I can figure out how to stop obliterating my html codes...

I've entered a contest to win a free makeover in hopes of getting a little, no a lot of help with my vision. hhhmmm, Goal #1 accomplished...I commented on the contest and included this powerful statement I formed while listening to Pastor John this weekend. "You have to have a faith based long term vision, in order to reach your short term goals." There are so many ways to work that statement around, but the meaning is all the same. We have to learn to be unshakable in our life. God has a vision for us, but sometimes we don't stop to think about the ultimate goal when we're running around our crazy lives and wondering why things aren't going the way we want. Your short term goals will be harder to achieve if you don't take time to first, give it to God, and second utilize your faith that He has a plan for your life. You don't have to worry about your short term goals being met when your not the pilot. Here's a couple of things I've taken from the scripture we've been studying...

Hebrews 10:9
To become UNSHAKABLE, God brings you through the old to get you to the new

Hebrew 2:1
You have to be more prepared for the "new" God gives you, and you can only do that by going through the old

God's voice is only as powerful as your faith is to hearing it

You'll never act on things you don't believe in. Dr. Phil always asks "how's that working for you?" I truly believe we complain about the bad that happens in our lives because there is a comfort in continuing the same actions. You have to move into a new state of mind in order to renew your UNSHAKABLE MOMENTUM

If you go forward in faith with whatever strength you have for the day,God will supply the strength you need for tomorrow.

3 things God is building in your life to be UNSHAKABLE...

1. UNSHAKABLE FAITH about your future
3. UNSHAKABLE CONVICTIONS **convictions are NOT tested in the mountains, they are
tested in the valley**

How do you do that??

1. PAY ATTENTION to what God is telling you
2. STAY AMAZED and don't let your heart become hardened
3. ADD FAITH b/c if you don't believe, you don't invest

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