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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Today has been a really KARMA filled day. Actually it has just been another day that God, (knowing He doesn't have to) has proven his love, grace, and purpose for me. This day actually started to culminate last Saturday. I went to pick up the kids pottery at Paint A Piece Wolfchase. They handed me the boys' but didn't have Little miss talksalot's piece. She had a different receipt which was filed under her name, and they couldn't find it. Long story short, they finally found her receipt in the "picked up" stack. I told them it wasn't possible because I'm here today to pick them up and my 11 year old doesn't drive, so they needed to find the piece and I would be back in. I went in today and was met by a rude woman who didn't like that I asked her to call the manager on the phone because I need this resolved. During her conversation to the manager, she repeated the word "supposedly" 4 times. Umm, hello? Why would I lie about a piece of pottery? Why would I come BACK twice over something we already received? So THEN, she asked what I would like to do? Again, I say UMM, HELLO?? I want you to find my daughter's bowl! The manager offered to let her come in and paint another piece.

I'm sorry, but it would take 5 minutes, not days like they said, to go thru tickets and call every customer that painted a BOWL that day to ask if they received the wrong one. They see the problem being mine. As in, "we would never mix up pottery." I see the problem as, "one of your teenage workers either dropped the bowl and put it in the pick up file to cover her tracks, or one of your teenage girls grabbed the wrong bag and ticket. Either way, the bowl is missing, they've offered to let her come in to paint another piece, and I've told them to keep looking.
KARMA (GOD) comes in to the story because my old self would have been really rude BACK to the really rude woman this morning. I made no demands, other than finding her pottery, and stayed rather calm and respectful. Even though I was screaming inside for them to give me my money back AND let her come paint another piece. I walked out upset but proud of my Christian way of handling this odd situation.

I'm scheduled to work 2 nights a week from 4pm-midnight so I can have more time with the baby and today is one of those days. I get to work and all is quiet. Around dinner time, I decided to run out to the mexican restaurant around the corner because I can get my favorite meal (a taco and side of rice) for less than $4 and it's way more "authentic" than Taco Bell. I don't count how long I sit at the bar waiting, but unless my patience scale has swayed to the right without me knowing, I don't realize that I'm sitting there an awkwardly long amount of time. the manager comes up to me and in his thick spanish accent, asks "whatchu waiting for baby?" I tell him my order including "no guacamole add jalepenos" and he walks away then comes right back with my bag and says "ju have a good night." I immediately look to my waitress and ask for my ticket. She calls his name, he turns to me and says, "ju wait to long, it's on me." Sounding very different from the tone I had earlier when saying the same thing, I say to myself UMM, HELLO? Wow, that is some customer service.

No wait, that is some good GOD....which leads me into a new series I'm starting....
"Things I want my children to know"
I've been writing my kids letters since my 11 year old was in the womb, but with technology I think it's wonderful to be able to log my thoughts for them and know I can save it forever. Anyone that knows me, knows that I have mounds of notebooks and always lose where I wrote something. **I know I wrote those directions in the purple notebook....now which one of the 7 purple notebooks is it in?"**

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