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Monday, January 19, 2009

Spring Break 2009

My brain has become overwhelmed lately with planning our spring break trip. I really want to take the kids somewhere they have never been. A huge dream of mine is to go to the Red Wood Forest in California, and Mt. Rushmore. Neither of those are in the cards for this March because BAHM's (yaaahhh, my first attempt at pseudonaming!!), mom is getting married in Minnesota in July. BAHM, by the way, is my best friend, and will be talked about a lot over the course of my blog experience. I'll have to blog about the choosing of her name at some point.....

So, July is having to be planned for at the same time. These are some of the ideas I've had about our March trip:
Amtrak train trip
Eastern seanboard trip
Mt. Rushmore
Renting an RV
Then, I remembered my girlfriend lives not quite an hour outside of Orlando. Bells went off, I heard the music playing in my head.....I am such a coupon hunter. There may be a touch of OCD in there when it comes to finding good deals. I'm constantly saying to myself that I can find a better deal. So I immediately got on Craigslist to look at Ocala's vacation rental pages. I've found condos with weekly rentals, etc...
I tried to check airfare prices and hotels. I'm not sure what we're going to yet. Hopefully my research will lead me to some really great ticket discounts for the park. I've only been once and I was 14, so the logistics weren't something I cared about at that point. I feel lost. I know I'll find some help with trip planning, its just finding the time for all this research! WISH ME LUCK!!!!!

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