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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Where to start.....

As I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while now, I've caught myself wondering how deep I would allow this to become? How much of what is in my head would I reveal? What subjects would I put in the "taboo" section of my brain? I'm not quite sure of the answer just yet, just as I'm not quite sure where to begin....
There are so many facets of my life that need an escape from the inner workings of my brain. I've set some of them free, others have most likely become distorted from being couped up so long. There are things I'd love to talk about. My kids, my starter husband, my keeper husband, my parents, my childhood, my journey with God, my career(s)..... my life.
But what I've come to realize about everything and everyone is that when you write, you write in the moment. How you are perceiving the world and your thoughts about the world and its' comings and goings' are all relative. They are "in the moment". So, at the moment, I feel I will be compelled to write my feelings as they come. I can only hope that I have become wise enough to understand that once spoken in cyberspace, everything is fair game. Fair game of who reads it, fair game of who responds, fair game of opinions, fair game in being bold enough to stand behind my thoughts. Because after all, good or bad, hard or easy, private or not, this is my life. My hope from this venture is to gain a better understanding of myself, my thoughts, my life, my loves.

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